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Edible Oil Refinery Plant: Edible Oil Refinery: Edible Oil Refining

Tinytech Udyog has been in the edible oil industry since 20 years. We are designers, manufacturers and global exporters of Edible Oil Refinery Plants for the refining of almost all kinds of crude oils. We have carried out successful worldwide turnkey installations of edible oil refinery plants and oil mill projects. Kindly note that the below photograph has been copied by many other companies who have put up on their website. But in actual the below photograph is of TINYTECH EDIBLE OIL REFINERY PLANT which is erected at our Tinytech Showroom Office.

Edible Oil Refinery Plant
Main Equipments of Edible Oil Refinery Plant include the following:
Neturalizers Oil Filter Presses
Bleacher Oil Storing Tanks
Deodourizer Soap Pans
Cooler Vacuum Equipments
Thermic Fluid Boiler Valves, Motors, Pipelines

Vacuum Pump and the Steam Generators for the Edible Oil Refinery Plant cannot be seen in the above picture as they are on the back side. Moreover, the Catchalls with 40 Ft. tower and the Barometric Condenser are also not shown here.

The Process Description for Edible Oil Refining is stated as under:

For refining any crude edible / non-edible oils, there are mainly three basic processes which are carried out in the refinery plant.

Neutralization Process

First process is neutralization in which the oil is neutralized in order to remove the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) by adding caustic soda. Oil is heated up to about 60°C by thermic fluid coils and oil is stirred by the stirrer. Soap stock formed due to chemical reaction is allowed to settle at the bottom of the neutralizer from where it is taken out into respective soap pans.

Bleaching Process

The neutralized oil is then transferred for the bleaching process where the color of the oil is removed. The bleaching process is carried out with the help of respective chemicals such as carbon black, bleaching earth etc. Oil is heated up to high temperature of around 100°C under vacuum with continuous stirring operation.

Deodorization Process

The bleached oil then goes to the filter press where the spent chemicals are separated and clean bleached oil is obtained. This oil goes to deodorizer where the oil is to be heated above 110°C and under vacuum by providing live steam from the bottom. The temperature of the oil is raised up to certain limits. The entire process of deodorization is very crucial for the quality of the oil. Finally, the smell and unpleasant odor from the oil is removed.

Cooling Process

The high temperature oil is to be cooled in the cooler where the water circulating coils take away the heat. The cooled oil is again allowed to pass through the filter press for the final filtration process. Finally, totally clean, filtered, refined transparent oil is obtained at the output.

During entire refining operation, all the equipments such as thermic fluid boiler, vacuum pump, vacuum equipments, barometric condenser, catchalls, steam generators, oil filters, electric motors, oil pumps etc. play their respective role. So all these equipments are very important parts of the refinery and they are connected with the vessels through pipelines.

Dewaxing Process

Some oils such as corn oil / maize germ oil and sunflower oil contain considerable amounts of waxes in them. Sometimes these waxes give very hazy appearance to the oil and it is advisable to remove these waxes. In such cases separate dewaxing process is carried out. Our Tinytech refinery plants are equipped with dewaxing units in order to remove the waxes from the oil and making it more stable and palatable.

Fractionation Process

For refining the palm oil, the above method is carried out with slight process modifications. There is addition of few extra equipments in the refinery such as chilling plant, crystallizer etc and the fractionation method is performed. Tinytech Udyog possesses expertise in the palm oil refining and our palm oil refinery plant is most advanced giving ultimate palm oil refining results.

Process Flow Chart Diagram for Edible Oil Refinery Plant

The below flow chart shows the step-wise process for refining the edible oil. Kindly study carefully.

Edible Oil Refinery Plant Flow Chart
Different Capacities for Edible Oil Refinery Plant

At Tinytech Udyog, we manufacture refinery plants having different refining capacities. We also manufacture tailor made refinery plants to suit the customer's requirement. The wide range of different capacities available for the edible oil refinery plant include: 1-ton/day, 3-tons/day, 5- tons/day, 10-tons/day, 15-tons/day, 20-tons/day, 30-tons/day and 50-tons/day.

The Tinytech Edible Oil Refinery Plant has been operational at various worldwide places processing different vegetable oils and giving excellent quality refined oils. If you are interested in setting up the edible oil refining plant, kindly get in touch with Tinytech Udyog to fulfill all your requirements.

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