Cold Press Expellers

Cold Press Expeller is used for the expelling of oil at a lower temperature of below 20 degree Celsius. It is also referred to as the cold oil press method in which no heat is involved. The entire operation of cold oil pressing is carried out at the normal room temperature. The cold press expeller works in the rotary manner, hence it is also known as the rotary cold press expeller.

The cold pressed oil has been used in Asia and Pacific over thousands of years ago. This method is very appropriate for expelling oil from oil seeds like white and black sesame, coconut, almond, mustard, rapeseed and peanut from the oil. We fabricate and supply an excellent range of rotary cold presses, which are widely appreciated by our base of clients across the globe.

Although the extraction of oil is slightly low as compared to other hot expellers but the oil purified by using our rotary cold press expeller machine has an advantage of better aroma and fragrance. The oil recovered from the rotary cold press expeller has a better nutritional value and is extremely suitable in the formulation of herbal oil that has better therapeutic value.

In the rotary cold press expeller, you will retain the nutrients and vitamins in the edible oil that are essential to the human health.

The Tinytech Rotary Cold Oil Press Expeller Machine is suitable for extracting the Virgin Coconut Oil also. The coconut oil can be obtained by a very simple technology, and it produces a very high quality of coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil can be obtained by using the fresh coconut meat. The pure VCO is the smartest oil one can use in cooking and it is a healthy food choice.

The main health benefits of using the cold pressed virgin coconut oil (VCO) are-

- Supports and enhances the immune system of body.
- Keeps the skin and hairs healthy
- Leads to healthy metabolism
- Promotes weight loss when and if you need it.
- Eliminates the digestion problems.
- Acts as a moisturizer for the skin.
- Reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Designed as per the latest technology our TINYTECH ROTARY COLD PRESS EXPELLER is characterized by the below mentioned distinguishing features:
  • It is a compact machine accommodated on 600mm x 600mm base frame. 2 HP electric motor drives vertical mortar revolving at 12 RPM through reduction gear box.
  • Pestle and mortar are so much robust that practically there is no maintenance.
  • Pressure increasing device is through heavy spring and screw.
  • Shipping dimensions are 30" x 36" x 48" (750mm x 900mm x 1200mm)

There are 3 different types of models designed and developed with different crushing capacities. In a rotary cold press expeller machine, the capacity is defined by the batch size. The process time is not more than 45 minutes. Thus, a rotary cold oil press expeller machine is uniquely beneficial for small scale production of oils at home or where it is daily locally consumed.

Cold Press Expellers
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Cold Press Expellers
Cold Press Expellers
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Cold Press Expellers


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